Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two Women

Tonight I listened to the interview of David Huggins on The Paracast about his book "Love in Alien Purgatory: The Life and Fantastic Art of David Huggins". It is his account of a life-long relationship with an alien woman named "Crescent". Curious, I googled to find some of the images from his book. I came across this image (on the left) which was eerily familiar. He described her as a grey alien wearing a wig of long black hair. The face is strikingly like the face of the cigarette lady I saw as a teenager.

I previously related the story here and here.


  1. Leftie over there is very familiar to me as well.

  2. David's book is filled with some really strange stuff. And yes, I see the likeness.

    This is the face from the cigarette story - right? You should add a link.

  3. How tall was the cigarette-smoking "lady" you saw?

  4. She was shorter than me - I am 5'2". I think she was perhaps around 4'8 - 5'0" tall.

  5. Beautiful spiral nightsky in Norway! via @grailseeker @zagodin @IQXS #Stargate

  6. Lady from a strange planet. ♫

  7. Have you ever considered that you might have met a burn victim? The wig, the mostly covered face, the lack of lips, nose, the odd texture to the skin. All those things could result from severe burns of the face.

    The oddly shaped head and face are difficult ones to explain, though there are a lot of odd looking people out there. But a fear of being seen would not be out of line for someone who is very badly disfigured.

    Oh well, just a thought.

  8. I had a nasty cold for about three weeks.
    A few nights ago I took some Nyquil and it made me a lil' loopy.
    I was awake but moving towards sleep and dreamt of a pregnant woman in a wheelchair.
    As she moved closer her face turned more and more grey alien like and it freaked me out.
    It was creepy, but had a comic book type texture to it that was more cartoon like than normal reality.
    Still, it was a bit creepy. These pics reminded me of it.
    Thanx. :)

  9. A friend directed me tonight to your blog post about the cigarette lady from March 2009. It sounds extremely similar to another recent post we read on another blog, in which you might be interested:

    The second half of the story has also been posted.

  10. This entity appears very similar to the "Harlequin" entity described here:

    Knight of Chapel Perilous.

  11. Someone took the visitor from Strieber's Communion and made it look like a female that could pass on the streets. It like the pictures you show resonate with me, but I don't know why. Like trying to grab smoke.


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