Sunday, April 26, 2009


A petroglyph was sent to me by someone who said it reminded him of the bird (owl?) in the Cranach painting.  It appears to be a human with sets of horns and bird feet. Like the bird in the Cranach painting it is gazing full face at the viewer. I get the sense this is someone traveling in spirit, with the ability of bird to see from above, the double set of horns that indicates power of some kind, perhaps in spirit. It reminded me of Mishipeshu of the Lake Superior Anishinabeg, the horned "great lynx" that is able to travel underwater  - it also looks a lot like a dragon! I read a bit about this fantastic creature: it is associated with copper! This is interesting to me because I awoke this morning with an image of a copper star - it seemed to be hammered (by hand). It had a decorative edge to it. I'm not positive how many points it had since my view of it was very close up from one side, near one of the points; it was wrapped in something and my view of it was close to one of the points, as though I was looking into the wrapping. By an odd coincidence (or not), last night I went searching for an old stone which as a child I plucked from the shores of Lake Superior near where we lived at the time. I could not find the stone but found a copper nugget I had picked up about the same time (up there). These were everywhere up there in abundance, just lying about like pebbles. Next morning I had the copper star dream.

Postscript: a Message

As I was falling to sleep for a nap after work: I had the following words said to me like a voice in my head: it was something like: the head (or face) of the deer is turned to the side, or turned aside.

Another Message (May 10)
I have been contacted again by Kentucky woman  (who has returned to Texas). She has additional information about what I am to find. I understand there may be photos of previous exploration - please contact KY woman and she will transfer them to me. I plan an expedition sometime this summer.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Strange Bug

I heard knock sounds again in my studio. This was the 4th time; 4 distinct knocks. Unlike the previous 3 times which occurred in the dead of night, this happened during daylight, about 8 pm. It startled me enough to want to get out of the house so dog and I went for a walk. As we approached a pond, upon hearing the peepers and other sounds, I got a flash of an image: a strange double-sided bug. Unlike the representation here, it was carved into a light-colored stone. 

Friday, April 24, 2009

Old Art

Great Grandfather+ 
(on mother's side) Lucas Cranach, northern renaissance painter (early 1500s). I like these paintings, especially the little detail of the owl (or hawk?) with it's kill flying away from the city on the hill towards the forrest, while the man with the book glances back. There seems to be a tiny man on the tower looking out towards the forrest. I always wondered what this little scene meant. As for the woman with the amazing disc hat: awesome.

Blue Flower / Mountain

Saw this in a meditation. I sketched it as a straight-up flower, stem and all. However, the roughly blue triangular shape morphed several times between a flower (right side up) and a mountain (upside down). Both with intense range of blues from deep indigo and cobalt to shades of cerulean and cyan. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This is an old sketch from about 15 years ago. I sometimes see these entities during meditation (eyes barely open, soft focus). They stand (float) about me, seeming to modulate a field of energy around me (I especially sense their hands, "combing" the energy). There always seems to be one primary entity, usually right in my face, others are more in the background. I don't get any verbal communication from them.

Another Perspective: An acquaintance gave me the following information after reading the above. While I find it interesting, l stand by my own experience as I described it above, but fwiw...

"[These] helpers are helping in the sense that they have insured that we have stayed with our choice to live multiple lives to gain wisdom. Grays are uneasily aligned with Serpent People along the model of "Service to Self" [this is part of Hopi concept of "Kopavi"] They also walked a path that we, fortunately, do not need to tread so for that alone, I am grateful!  Prolonged exposure to this system of "Service to Self" creates a vibration that causes Spirit to depend on the energy of those it controls.  This type [of] gray has chosen to try to continue to exist on the energy of others by moving back in time to where this is possible.  Creator has chosen to eliminate the model of "Service to Self" because it eventually yields weak and uninteresting leadership and a suboptimal existence for the lower rungs of the hierarchy. I have worked it through and it appears to me that the ultimate end result of service to self is a few unhappy, weak and desperate leaders perpetually exchanging positions of control and a giant spiritual battery of pain that feeds them. If I were Creator, I'd command its disassembly too! It served to accelerate the growth of those who chose other better models but its time has ended.  They will eventually have to embrace a more effective model of existence when they reach the end of their rope.  I think they will respond to gratitude and affection (they don't like the taste) and go away.   These are the things that will eventually rehabilitate them ironically. If they continue to hang out with you, you are operating under principal three [Hopi concept of "service to all"] by attempting their rehabilitation through love and gratitude. If I am wrong and they are beneficial, your gratitude and affection is doubly deserved (neat how service to all works - no wrong choices within its context!).   Earth is under the system of "Service To Self" as a sort of battery right now. The monetary system has been designed to act as a control mechanism.  To work, the service to selfers must gain the agreement of those it uses. It is really interesting to unravel the threads of the economy and see how they accomplished it.  Fortunately, they bent the rule here and allowed their system to remain illegal.  This was discovered in time and the appropriate actions are underway within the indigenous community to negate its hold irrespective of any future laws so long as we stay aligned with "Service to All"."

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rock and Rune

A few years ago I did a meditation on this runic symbol. I was attracted to it because it reminded me of the symbol for "infinity", a potentially interesting seed. The blue stone is a small rock I held in my hands; its colors were dazzling, reminding me at once of water, earth and sky. Small veins on the stone were like rivers, the whole like a small visage of planetary/celestial stuff.  

In looking over my notes the phrase "dynamic across eons" caught my attention. I don't recall exactly what this meant to me at the time, but certainly seems relevant now: something is connecting, converging. Perhaps by the simple act of posting my thoughts and images a tiny set of ripples is set in motion. As they move outward, contact is made with other currents, other ripples. This seems to be occurring with greater frequency. In posting the rock glyph photos last week I had no inkling of a potentially larger meaning. I was contacted by someone native to that region (hopi) who had something to say on the subject. What I saw as simple isolated images, have a larger meaning when read in the full context the images with one another, and of the surrounding stone. This seems obvious to me now - of course it makes sense - the glyphs are carefully painted onto very specific areas of the dimensional stone, forming larger more dynamic images. I will relate a bit more about this later. 

Some new information I learned today, a hopi interpretation:

V touching line:

This is the symbol for "snake tooth biting down" - snakes teeth or jaws represents "Spiritual Power"   When it is biting down it means "Use of Spiritual Power". Use of spiritual power for "good of all" causes multiplication of spiritual power (one tooth biting down yields four teeth (two XX together)

Figure 8 symbol means "All things unified with The Creator" The paths of the Hopi all have a figure 8 in them somewhere - at beginning I have found, to shake out the unaligned.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Woman I Saw - I

This is was my attempt several years ago (after the "opening") to portray the woman I saw in a vision - the time was far into the past - 30,000 years ago? That is the rough time that I seemed to be aware of. In any case, it was long before any form of history we have recorded). She was dead, lying on a bier of leaves. I was present, standing and watching. Her skin was milky white pale and smooth. I felt he most incredible grief. It was everywhere present. I had the impression she was very important. I show her as I imagined her alive. I seemed to know her.

The first image, drawn from various references, is the cartoon (under drawing) used for a painting, which is reversed for transfer purposes. The second is the painting of the image.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Clue...

Tonight I felt an urge to dig up some old photos from a trip to the southwest in 2002. Among them I found an image of a rock glyph. For some reason I found this particular glyph so compelling I snapped 5 pictures of it (3 of which are here). This along with some of the surrounding glyphs are strikingly like many of the images I have been drawing. 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Interlocking Worlds

Rough draft in progress
(see Equilibrium below for initial glyph)
The multi-modal image below popped into my head last night, fully formed, only it was multi-dimensional and immense, infinite (seemingly) in scale. It is somewhat like a fractal, each world (node) nested within another, without end. The tiny little worlds at the four cardinal points of the circle are depicted here as spheres (planets) in an orbit around another sphere. The larger red sphere is a feeder node. But this is just a 2D / 3D view, not how they exist in multi-dimensional reality. The circles (2D) / spheres (3D) are actually like tubes or intersections in expanded dimensionality. The overall structure has to do with an underlying web. These images are simple 2 dimensional "slices" of what I cannot portray. This is what our human brains can comprehend. I wish I had the ability to write about this more clearly - certainly the graphics are not sufficient.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


When I was about 33, while in deep meditation with my yoga group, I sensed an entity behind me. I had previously sensed them in meditation before, so this was not alarming. I typically felt their presence as comforting and supportive. However, the entity this night was different. It was stronger, it presented a more distinct identity than usual. I next felt the entity behind me place its hands on my shoulders. At that instant of touch, I felt a rush of intense /light/ (as in radiant) energy course down through the crown of my head immediately followed by my body being "thrown" from a traditional sitting posture onto the floor. To other members in my group, it probably appeared I was having some kind of seizure as my body was shaking violently. This settled down after a few minutes but from my perspective here is what I felt: after the initial rush of energy, after my body was effectively being controlled by it, I experienced a second "cold" energy come into play, moving from the ends of my limbs (starting with toes and fingers) toward my body core. This is difficult to explain...the cold energy continued to move up my limbs and the closer it got the more I became scared. Prior to this I in a state of a sort of detached observation - but at this point, it was different. I felt that if that cold energy reached my heart I might die or something, yet I was helpless to do anything about it. Oddly, almost as soon as I had this thought / fear, someone in the group literally grabbed me into a bear hug. This stopped it. I was rather stunned - it was as if a switch had been thrown. In the years that followed, I seemed to have an altered -- more activated -- sense of other phenomena, dreams, visions.

Monday, April 06, 2009


Crash Crash I grew up in the air force - my dad flew KC 135s from about 1950 to 1970 (mostly cold war - SAC). When I was very young, about 3, we were stationed on a base in TX when an AF plane crashed behind our house. My father was not at home - most likely on alert or flying a mission. I have no conscious memory of the crash itself, but my mother said that it was so loud and shocking it caused me to go into convulsions. Our next door neighbor was a base doc. He gave me something to put me to sleep, then ran out to help the emergency crew. I don't know if I have the sequence of these events right; only what my mother related (it strikes me as curious that a doctor would stop to medicate me before attempting to help the plane crew - so I wonder if this happened in a different order than my mother recalls). My memory is this: I am walking among the wreckage of the plane. There is a smoke, and some hot stuff, possibly some fires here and there though this part is less clear. There are bodies and body parts. I remember seeing blood mixed in with red TX dirt. However, I was not actually physically there; I was there by another means. The strangest part is that I did not know that any of this was an actual memory until many years later. I experienced it as a recurring "nightmare" until well into my 20s. My mother had never spoken about the crash until I was in my mid-30s, so for years I thought it was just a nightmare that had nothing to do with anything real. When she told me about it, I was stunned with instant recognition. I can only conclude that my "nightmare" was a memory of coming out of my body (perhaps during the convulsions?) to visit the dead and / or injured crew. These sketches (created some time ago) depict highly abstracted views of fragments of plane parts and bodies on a field, with eddying pools of individual consciousnesses moving about (white chalk spirals).

Painted Red Man and Nuclear War

A pivotal event in my life: we were stationed at Kincheloe AFB in upper peninsula Michigan (near Sault Ste. Marie). This was a cold war SAC base (B52s and KC135s - the big refueling tankers) that had been plunked down on old native american land as part of the potential defense against soviet nuclear attack. Most of the missions my dad flew at that time were over Canada and the Arctic, practice runs to bomb the daylights out of the soviets (ala Dr. Strangelove). (As an aside, it would sometimes happen that my school bus ended up following a bomb tow; needless to say, I was rather intimate with the hardware and culture of nuclear war, such was my life in those days). When I was 10 or 11, I got very sick. My dad was on an alert mission, so my mom was alone with me and my sibs. At one point I became so feverish I started to hallucinate. I saw this (according to my mom I was "wide awake" and talked about it out loud): I was walking along a narrow worn path in a forested area near our house (an actual place where I often played). It was dark (night) and I could not see very far ahead, so the next thing I new, I ran smack into a native american man with a bare chest covered with either blood or red paint - whatever the substance was, it was bright and still wet. I can see it still in my mind and it is my belief that it was paint. He spoke to me in another language but I understood him. He gave me two little bundles placing one in each hand. Each had 10 sticks wrapped in something (leaves?). I was told to "keep them balanced", and "stay on the deer path". I turned around and started to walk home, but one hand became very heavy; the sticks were moving from one hand to the other on their own and I fell off the path into the dark woods from the imbalance. I "woke up" after this, sweating and upset. Looking back, this sounds ridiculously corny, but this happened in 1966, before new age or romanticized native american fads (at least as far as I was aware at that time). Later in life, I found this encounter to be (personally) profoundly important. There is more to the story that unfolded many years later, including a discovery of what the bundles meant (goes way back, related to the original native people in that area).

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Glyph 6

Whirling consciousness / worlds coming into being. Additional imagery - the hollow tube represented by the central sphere.
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