Monday, April 13, 2009

The Woman I Saw - I

This is was my attempt several years ago (after the "opening") to portray the woman I saw in a vision - the time was far into the past - 30,000 years ago? That is the rough time that I seemed to be aware of. In any case, it was long before any form of history we have recorded). She was dead, lying on a bier of leaves. I was present, standing and watching. Her skin was milky white pale and smooth. I felt he most incredible grief. It was everywhere present. I had the impression she was very important. I show her as I imagined her alive. I seemed to know her.

The first image, drawn from various references, is the cartoon (under drawing) used for a painting, which is reversed for transfer purposes. The second is the painting of the image.

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  1. Karen, she is fantastically powerful! I would love to hear more about your vision and opening! Have we spoken about Soul Sparks yet? She could be part of YOU, and most probably is, me thinks. LOVE THIS!

    P.S. I am most jealous of your artistic talent! How wonderful!


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