Friday, April 24, 2009

Old Art

Great Grandfather+ 
(on mother's side) Lucas Cranach, northern renaissance painter (early 1500s). I like these paintings, especially the little detail of the owl (or hawk?) with it's kill flying away from the city on the hill towards the forrest, while the man with the book glances back. There seems to be a tiny man on the tower looking out towards the forrest. I always wondered what this little scene meant. As for the woman with the amazing disc hat: awesome.


  1. Her Hat looks like a halo.

    Cool roots Kartott.

  2. Looks like Owl is making of with white dove.

    I wonder how much Lucas liked St Gerome? I'm guessing he didn't.

  3. Man with red hat is also said to represent saint Jerome. He wrote against two ideas 1.) Past Lives, 2.) belief that Christ was not in fact God.

    He was richly supported by the aristocracy.

  4. Woman appears to have a chain of imprisonment masquerading as a necklace.


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