Wednesday, April 08, 2009


When I was about 33, while in deep meditation with my yoga group, I sensed an entity behind me. I had previously sensed them in meditation before, so this was not alarming. I typically felt their presence as comforting and supportive. However, the entity this night was different. It was stronger, it presented a more distinct identity than usual. I next felt the entity behind me place its hands on my shoulders. At that instant of touch, I felt a rush of intense /light/ (as in radiant) energy course down through the crown of my head immediately followed by my body being "thrown" from a traditional sitting posture onto the floor. To other members in my group, it probably appeared I was having some kind of seizure as my body was shaking violently. This settled down after a few minutes but from my perspective here is what I felt: after the initial rush of energy, after my body was effectively being controlled by it, I experienced a second "cold" energy come into play, moving from the ends of my limbs (starting with toes and fingers) toward my body core. This is difficult to explain...the cold energy continued to move up my limbs and the closer it got the more I became scared. Prior to this I in a state of a sort of detached observation - but at this point, it was different. I felt that if that cold energy reached my heart I might die or something, yet I was helpless to do anything about it. Oddly, almost as soon as I had this thought / fear, someone in the group literally grabbed me into a bear hug. This stopped it. I was rather stunned - it was as if a switch had been thrown. In the years that followed, I seemed to have an altered -- more activated -- sense of other phenomena, dreams, visions.


  1. Cool! Sounds like a kind of shamanic crisis or initiation experience. Thank you for sharing it. I love hearing people's weird experiences, as it helps me to feel more normal.

  2. heh, normal without experiences..? yes. its good to be shared


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