Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crypto-renaissance Art

More messages from grandfather Cranach: 

To be admitted to the table we must plough our way through an obstacle course of archetypal signposts. 

Lion waiting to greet deer from behind red hat and false holy robes. Ignorant birds wandering aimlessly about.

An hour glass on the wall, candelabra crucification on the table...

So much more.

An Old Song (to my husband)

I hear the soft wind sighing
in every bush and tree
the sound of my heart crying
when you are far from me

When we're apart my darlin'
there's sorrow in the wind
When we're apart my darlin'
sweet sorrow in the wind

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its a wonder I'm in this world at all

The other day, standing, looking off to left, the room started to twist and distort. A wave of nausea. Reality no longer real...

"Now and then there's a lonesome thought in my mind...ain't one soul in the whole world knows my name...but I've seen it by and by, cause its written up in the sky..."

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chaco Canyon Double Moon

Old painting I made of Chaco Canyon - double moon an after- thought, not sure why. 

I feel I may return to the area soon.

"Another message" posted below related to "Mishipeshu" concerns an exploration to be attempted this summer.


I am shielded by Dancing Lioness. I will share the story of my encounter of mountain lioness at Chaco Canyon another time. 

I travel now under my real name. The conduit will be provided by another party. 

Moving into new territory. Brings to mind a song: Leaving Louisiana (where I was born). 


May 4 crop circle seems similar to the base glyph of my posting of April 9.
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