Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crypto-renaissance Art

More messages from grandfather Cranach: 

To be admitted to the table we must plough our way through an obstacle course of archetypal signposts. 

Lion waiting to greet deer from behind red hat and false holy robes. Ignorant birds wandering aimlessly about.

An hour glass on the wall, candelabra crucification on the table...

So much more.


  1. I like the beaver - reminds me of my puppy.

  2. Saint Jerome was often depicted as an owl symbol.

  3. Chandelier looks like Elk antlers to me.

    A little more weight and I think they will fall on saint Jerome's head.

    The Ceiling reminds me of the floor in the last painting of a series I once saw - Woman artists name is on the tip of my tongue...

  4. The windows look like they are made out of chicken wire -

    ...good for keeping birds in but not lions!

  5. Candelabra Crucifixion:

    I read one account somewhere that said Christ was cremated after he was crucified but was able to reassemble himself.

  6. Could you post a detail of little person sitting in the antler chandelier?

  7. Interesting bench, looks like you can flip the back over so you can sit looking out the window instead of inward to the table.

  8. I can't help to think that, on the part of the picture we can't see, there's a happy naked bishop hoping up & down!

    Might explain the fixed stare of the scribe :-P

  9. Brilliant! Wicked interpretation.

  10. The perspective point makes things nice and tidy.


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