Thursday, April 09, 2009

Interlocking Worlds

Rough draft in progress
(see Equilibrium below for initial glyph)
The multi-modal image below popped into my head last night, fully formed, only it was multi-dimensional and immense, infinite (seemingly) in scale. It is somewhat like a fractal, each world (node) nested within another, without end. The tiny little worlds at the four cardinal points of the circle are depicted here as spheres (planets) in an orbit around another sphere. The larger red sphere is a feeder node. But this is just a 2D / 3D view, not how they exist in multi-dimensional reality. The circles (2D) / spheres (3D) are actually like tubes or intersections in expanded dimensionality. The overall structure has to do with an underlying web. These images are simple 2 dimensional "slices" of what I cannot portray. This is what our human brains can comprehend. I wish I had the ability to write about this more clearly - certainly the graphics are not sufficient.


  1. An interplanetary Kabbalah?

  2. Maybe complete nonsense. I have no idea. I draw what I see.

  3. You must be aware of the crop circles and their designs. There are a lot of similarities.

    Also - Some of your drawings are drawn with a pencil, and some look computer generated. Are you just as creative with the computer? Does it limit or help?

  4. Actually this series is based on a 3-dimensional visual (along with a multi-dimensional aspect not depicted here), however as 2 dimensional "slices", I agree they are very crop-circle like.

    As for media, I find illustrator and photoshop useful for tightening up sketches that involve precise grids, rotations, etc., and since I use them pretty heavily in my day job its easy for me to hack out stuff. But I like to go back and forth - hand sketch to initially get something down on paper, then if its somewhat complex, go to digital. Then in some cases, I plot the vectors on a vinyl cutter for airbrush purposes. For example, many of the rope images have been plotted and cut into a series of masks (some fairly large - 4 - 6 feet length). I use them to airbrush the imagery onto unprimed canvas, then add stitching, hand drawing, painting and other media (basically coming full cycle back to the more direct "hand craft" aspect that started with the initial sketch) to create textile art pieces.

  5. Hi Kartott,

    I don't think I've ever seen exactly what you described here. I have seen some similar things though.

    Imagine a string of worlds so close together that you can't really tell where one ends and another begins. the string stretches to infinity on both sides of you and you know that it really does go to infinity. If you look more closely you can tell that there is actually more than one string, and that they move (rotate would be incorrect) around a hub, like a cart wheel. Imagine that in lots of extra dimensions, which you seem to know quite well, and you probably know exactly what I mean.

  6. Chris, I believe you are attempting to describe what I (barely) attempted to sketched. What I saw is multi-dimensional. The circles or spheres in my sketches are actually extended into what I see as tunnels or ropes (perhaps like your "string of worlds", not in one direction, but in all directions. Words are barely adequate. There is (moreover) a sort of web - these "tunnels" or strings are connected together. Wow, I wish there were a better way to convey this! Oy!

  7. After I posted I compared our descriptions and realized I hadn't actually said anything very different than you already had.

    I can relate to the "oy!" but you're really doing a marvelous job of describing and visualizing the essence of this, if I'm any judge at all.


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