Monday, April 20, 2009

Rock and Rune

A few years ago I did a meditation on this runic symbol. I was attracted to it because it reminded me of the symbol for "infinity", a potentially interesting seed. The blue stone is a small rock I held in my hands; its colors were dazzling, reminding me at once of water, earth and sky. Small veins on the stone were like rivers, the whole like a small visage of planetary/celestial stuff.  

In looking over my notes the phrase "dynamic across eons" caught my attention. I don't recall exactly what this meant to me at the time, but certainly seems relevant now: something is connecting, converging. Perhaps by the simple act of posting my thoughts and images a tiny set of ripples is set in motion. As they move outward, contact is made with other currents, other ripples. This seems to be occurring with greater frequency. In posting the rock glyph photos last week I had no inkling of a potentially larger meaning. I was contacted by someone native to that region (hopi) who had something to say on the subject. What I saw as simple isolated images, have a larger meaning when read in the full context the images with one another, and of the surrounding stone. This seems obvious to me now - of course it makes sense - the glyphs are carefully painted onto very specific areas of the dimensional stone, forming larger more dynamic images. I will relate a bit more about this later. 

Some new information I learned today, a hopi interpretation:

V touching line:

This is the symbol for "snake tooth biting down" - snakes teeth or jaws represents "Spiritual Power"   When it is biting down it means "Use of Spiritual Power". Use of spiritual power for "good of all" causes multiplication of spiritual power (one tooth biting down yields four teeth (two XX together)

Figure 8 symbol means "All things unified with The Creator" The paths of the Hopi all have a figure 8 in them somewhere - at beginning I have found, to shake out the unaligned.


  1. The thing I found interesting about that runic symbol, i that it reminds me of something I've been thinking about re. this other symbol: )+(If you do quick Google search with the word 'UMMO', you'll find quite a few pages with that symbol, and with info re. a very big UFO contactism case that happened in Europe during the late mid XXth century. People claimed they received letters written by extraterrestrials that came from a planet they called UMMO; the letters contained a lot of info about the aliens' culture, technology, philosophy, etc. And most UFO investigators that have looked into this case have come to the conclusion that the letters are a hoax—the perpetrators behind the hoax is a subject of much debate, with some fingers even pointing to the CIA...

    But despite the fact that the letters are a hoax, that hasn't stopped witnesses from reporting seeing this symbol 'painted' on the 'fuselage' of some UFOs, or on the clothes of the entities that control them (I'm not talking here about some b/w photos that have been dismissed as a hoax too, but some other less known cases).

    Also, the symbol can be found in several ancient cultures, like in the Chinese ancient glyphs (I think in old Chinese it is a symbol for 'royalty' or something like that). I even think that the French 'fleur de lis' might be a very stylized version of the same symbol.

    Sorry for the looooong preface. OK... back to your rune.

    Putting aside all the things that have been said about UMMO, I'm very interesting at the meaning of the symbol itself. To a graphic-wise mentality like mine, )+( feels like it conveys two 'realms' or fields that are completely separate to each other, and yet the two managed to get 'connected' or 'entangled' (to use a modern fad term) through a third element.

    So )+( wants to become >< (I'm using the symbols I can find with my keyboard here). then the symbol may evolve into the rune you drew, until it can finally can become the ultimate symbol of perfection: O (a circle).

    My personal interpretation is that there is a separate reality from our own (that from which many of the weird phenomena we like to talk about emanates) and that it desperately wants to join with us. To form a 'Communion' just like it was dictated to Whitley Strieber.

    Whether that's a good idea or not, well... that's a matter of debate, isn't it? :-)

  2. PS: Regarding your thought about "posting my thoughts and images a tiny set of ripples is set in motion", I've often wondered if I have this role or duty to perform, of serving as a 'connection' between all these blogs that write about weird Fortean phenomena, and try to find the correlations between the thoughts being disseminated across the web.

    Hell... I think I want to be the + in the )+( symbol! ;-)

  3. red pill: the symbol you mention is exactly the same as the handwritten letter 'zh' from a cyrillic alphabet (it sounds like the 'zh' in dr. zhivago).

  4. That is absolutely correct Anonymous. It is very similar to the word zhe.


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