Sunday, April 26, 2009


A petroglyph was sent to me by someone who said it reminded him of the bird (owl?) in the Cranach painting.  It appears to be a human with sets of horns and bird feet. Like the bird in the Cranach painting it is gazing full face at the viewer. I get the sense this is someone traveling in spirit, with the ability of bird to see from above, the double set of horns that indicates power of some kind, perhaps in spirit. It reminded me of Mishipeshu of the Lake Superior Anishinabeg, the horned "great lynx" that is able to travel underwater  - it also looks a lot like a dragon! I read a bit about this fantastic creature: it is associated with copper! This is interesting to me because I awoke this morning with an image of a copper star - it seemed to be hammered (by hand). It had a decorative edge to it. I'm not positive how many points it had since my view of it was very close up from one side, near one of the points; it was wrapped in something and my view of it was close to one of the points, as though I was looking into the wrapping. By an odd coincidence (or not), last night I went searching for an old stone which as a child I plucked from the shores of Lake Superior near where we lived at the time. I could not find the stone but found a copper nugget I had picked up about the same time (up there). These were everywhere up there in abundance, just lying about like pebbles. Next morning I had the copper star dream.

Postscript: a Message

As I was falling to sleep for a nap after work: I had the following words said to me like a voice in my head: it was something like: the head (or face) of the deer is turned to the side, or turned aside.

Another Message (May 10)
I have been contacted again by Kentucky woman  (who has returned to Texas). She has additional information about what I am to find. I understand there may be photos of previous exploration - please contact KY woman and she will transfer them to me. I plan an expedition sometime this summer.


  1. The horned face also looks "Space Invader"-ish . . .

  2. That is the cutest little petroglyph I ever did see. Reminds me of an emoticon, or if I want to take a cue from Mac, perhaps Super Mario's tanuki suit, which, incidentally, lets him fly!

  3. Copper is known to attract cosmic energies, especially Venus energies.
    It was often used by women to help with cramps during menstruation (copperbelts).

  4. Two sided bug looks like an organic Carbon Molecule


  5. Another symbol on stone: Roswell Enigma...

    Copper is used by aliens to conduct magnet fields


  6. To the person show passed along the message found at the site of the first petroglyph, I asked an ojibwe acquaintance to translate - he says it is does not translate to anything and is probably therefore just random words...

  7. Woman - M. has had her head turned... She has deer signs associated with her too. Maybe this referes to her?


  8. Hello,

    Those are not two horns but rather the larger horns are actually "Wings" and the smaller ones are ears.

    This is an image of an actual group of beings I encountered during an out -of-body inter-dimensional travel.

    I have done this quite often (more so recently) and during one such experience I turned and saw a whole group of what looked like Giant faces with wings and ears atop their heads. They were ALL BLACK except for the face which was white and were VERY conscious in that they were not animal in natural.

    The group was observing me from a distance. I had never seen anything like them before and although we did not communicate, and they did seem very intimidating, I got the impressions that these beings were a very curious group, very wise, and had a large understanding of what I hope to attain.

    I even drew them.

    I am amazed that this petroglyph is almost EXACTLY the same as my drawing. Right down to the bird-like feet.

    Again, the larger horns are wings and this is an image of the bird-bat-humanoid being in flight.

    Knowing that part should make the image much more understandable.

    - K


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