Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This is an old sketch from about 15 years ago. I sometimes see these entities during meditation (eyes barely open, soft focus). They stand (float) about me, seeming to modulate a field of energy around me (I especially sense their hands, "combing" the energy). There always seems to be one primary entity, usually right in my face, others are more in the background. I don't get any verbal communication from them.

Another Perspective: An acquaintance gave me the following information after reading the above. While I find it interesting, l stand by my own experience as I described it above, but fwiw...

"[These] helpers are helping in the sense that they have insured that we have stayed with our choice to live multiple lives to gain wisdom. Grays are uneasily aligned with Serpent People along the model of "Service to Self" [this is part of Hopi concept of "Kopavi"] They also walked a path that we, fortunately, do not need to tread so for that alone, I am grateful!  Prolonged exposure to this system of "Service to Self" creates a vibration that causes Spirit to depend on the energy of those it controls.  This type [of] gray has chosen to try to continue to exist on the energy of others by moving back in time to where this is possible.  Creator has chosen to eliminate the model of "Service to Self" because it eventually yields weak and uninteresting leadership and a suboptimal existence for the lower rungs of the hierarchy. I have worked it through and it appears to me that the ultimate end result of service to self is a few unhappy, weak and desperate leaders perpetually exchanging positions of control and a giant spiritual battery of pain that feeds them. If I were Creator, I'd command its disassembly too! It served to accelerate the growth of those who chose other better models but its time has ended.  They will eventually have to embrace a more effective model of existence when they reach the end of their rope.  I think they will respond to gratitude and affection (they don't like the taste) and go away.   These are the things that will eventually rehabilitate them ironically. If they continue to hang out with you, you are operating under principal three [Hopi concept of "service to all"] by attempting their rehabilitation through love and gratitude. If I am wrong and they are beneficial, your gratitude and affection is doubly deserved (neat how service to all works - no wrong choices within its context!).   Earth is under the system of "Service To Self" as a sort of battery right now. The monetary system has been designed to act as a control mechanism.  To work, the service to selfers must gain the agreement of those it uses. It is really interesting to unravel the threads of the economy and see how they accomplished it.  Fortunately, they bent the rule here and allowed their system to remain illegal.  This was discovered in time and the appropriate actions are underway within the indigenous community to negate its hold irrespective of any future laws so long as we stay aligned with "Service to All"."


  1. Do they ever manipulate your subtle body? They like to mess around with my Ajna chakra, mainly.

  2. Yes they do, the ajna and crown charkas, also around the shoulders and back.

  3. Any practical advice on how to summon these beings -- assuming they're benign?

  4. Why should we assume that terms like 'malignant' or 'benign' apply to such beings?

    A person might be really kind to other people, but it would still feel no remorse when squashing a nasty-looking bug.

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