Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Snake Ropes

More imagery building on the snake ropes. I see these often, the ropes are many; powerful conduits of energy. Partway through the sketch on the left it hit me: these were the same ropes which I frequently saw in vision, only I am seeing them now more solidified, almost as if I am seeing the underlying structure here. In vision they are more light-infused. As I sit (meditate) I "see" / sense them above me; I make a slight shift of my head and one becomes "locked" into my crown. I am then looking directly up the inside of it as a shower of light / energy comes pouring down it into me, down through my own spine. I am filled with light as this happens, synchronized with the source of whatever these rope-snakes are plugged into. I know this sounds completely bizarre but there it is. The circle glyphs have something to do with this, another aspect, I'm not sure.

The picture on the right is not quite correct - the inside of the rope is filled with light - I lacked the proper prisma / paper to convey this. Best with paint, some day.

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  1. Hello saw your pic at the secret sun.

    This is really cool stuff you got here. Reminds me of Donnie Darko.



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