Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Up late again. Daylight savings time has messed with me more than usual this year. Lots to think about. Trying to get a new design out. Taking lots more time than I think people realized in initial planning. May have to trade off some things to get it done. All while wanting to make sure the quality is there.

I have been missing the studio lately. Thinking of when I might be able to travel and spend a week or two there. A long drive now. In the interim, perhaps I will take a small trip, do a workshop or something, get out of my environment, a chance to stretch out and expand my consciousness. Casey (my dog) is under the table sighing deeply in response to something in a dream. Wish I could remember my dreams again.

Someone in a chat room talked about seeing a shape-shifting car today. A strange physical dilation of the back-end of a car as it was leaving a Walmart parking lot (hmm...). Said it looked like a part of it was briefly getting sucked into a tiny black-hole located in the vicinity of the trunk or rear of the car, then "popped back out", followed by a sort of shimmy and it was over. Then someone else talked about bees, total change of topic, about how bees react to smoke - they start gorging on their own honey and become calm, the entire hive settling down. It seemed oddly similar to the shape-shifting car experience. A kind of reality bending - blowing smoke to change an externalized / internalized reality. Not entirely the same; guess it makes me wonder about "smoke" in terms of our own perceptual capability: is it the veil that separates our thinking brain from the place of visions, from true "seeing"? Are we being calmed into accepting these limitations, prevented from experiencing a more fully-realized consciousness?

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  1. Very interesting insight. Are we being smoked into calmness? I like to think that from birth we have it in us to live under water. So maybe this smoke could be an over concentration of O2? rhetorical question of course.

    Thanks for this


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