Thursday, March 26, 2009

Worlds Becoming

An early variation of the snake rope imagery. Initially imagined as a cosmological concept, in looking at this now, I see another conceptual layer.


  1. This image (again) looks strangely like the Mars "tubes" - those photos are so elusive and foggy, much like this drawing.

    Also - I am extremely curious about your blog, and why you began to post it.

    I have the Hidden Experience blog, and I'm baffled at the similarities.

  2. This image was created around 1991-1992. I did a series of sketches back then based on visions and other phenomena I was experiencing either during or as a result of meditation, which in itself was a result of other circumstances. There is more to that story which I plan to relate at a later point.

    As for the history of this blog, as I typed I realized it was turning into a rather long comment, so I moved my response to the front page of the blog - you have probably already seen it by now.

    I'm not sure about the blog similarities - to the extent that I am coming forward with my experiences, yes. But we seem to have very different stories. I have never seen a "ufo" or any grays (as far as I am aware). The cigarette lady was possibly close but I can only guess since I have not seen what others have described. It has perplexed me for many years. I don't know what she was. I usually refer to her as an "entity". Someone asked how I knew it was female. I don't. In previous chats and a recent posting on the paracast, I used quotation marks when referencing the sex ("woman", "she") - since I have never been certain of this. In my 17 year old brain, it was beyond bizarre.

    I am not a writer, so I usually sketch out my feelings and experiences. I use it as a kind of therapy. Sometimes things come through that I have no clue as to what they are about. I have learned not to question, just record. The snake rope images fall into this category. That particular meme started several years back, as mentioned above. It mostly relates to the experience I have in meditation of connecting to an infinite tube of light (I think I noted this on an earlier blog posting). Why it takes this form I don't know. About 2 years ago I dug out my old airbrush equipment and started creating imagery on textiles. At the time I cut out masks using file folder stock, whatever was handy. I just let my blade go where it wanted to go. What came out were a series of writhing segmented snake/rope/spine images. I plan to work these into textile art pieces (I have started a few). As I was creating the images, I kept thinking: am I nuts? What is this? But sometimes you just have to go with whatever comes through.


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